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About this course

Become an M&A Analyst: the Complete Skillset is the most detailed and hands on course about M&A advisory skills you can find anywhere online!

This series offers 140+ lectures across 14 sections where everything is done from scratch with an incredible 24 hours of extensive video content. There are also 70+ supporting Excel and PowerPoint documents and 60+ quiz questions.

In this course, we will be covering all the necessary skills to land a job and to survive in the world of M&A advisory.

What are the course requirements?

There is absolutely no prerequisite!

The course will cover everything from scratch with extensive video explanations.

You will need Microsoft Excel and Power Point (in PC or Mac) and to be eager to learn.

Who is this course for?

Ambitious undergraduate and masters students - regardless of major - who want to pursue a career in investment banking/ M&A advisory.

Junior investment bankers, consultants, venture capitalists and equity analysts who want to hone their skills.

Business owners who want to learn about corporate finance and M&A process.

What will you learn?

During this course, you will

  • LEARN what mergers and acquisitions are
  • UNDERSTAND why companies buy each other
  • GET a very good understanding of the entire M&A process with every single document executed at each stage of the deal
  • MASTER Excel and Power Point skills necessary to become a star M&A Analyst
  • READ financial statements
  • UNDERSTAND a company's financial position
  • ANALYSE a company's performance metrics
  • MEASURE a company's financial risk
  • BUILD a financial model from scratch with extremely practical methods
  • CONDUCT a full Discounted Cash Flow valuation
  • CONDUCT a full Precedent Transaction Analysis valuation
  • CONDUCT a full Comparable Companies Analysis valuation
  • UNDERSTAND the advantages and shortcomings of each mentioned valuation methodology
  • MAKE 20+ graphs and charts in Excel that are widely used in M&A presentations
  • MAKE some first class, clean and beautiful presentations

What should you expect from this course?

Students / Career Changers

  • You will be ready to rock any analyst/associate level M&A interview
  • Deliver top notch work when you are recruited as if you have been employed for a few years

Junior Employees 

  • You will get better and faster, eyeing your next promotion

Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs

  • You will get in-depth knowledge about what it really means to buy or sell a business/ asset and how it is actually executed

Instructor Ali Ilci

Hi everyone my name is Ali and I am a former M&A analyst and later associate who worked on various M&A deals ranging from thirty million up to over a billion dollars.I worked on the sell-side and on the buy-side in deals across 8 countries including the UK, the US, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Dubai and Turkey. I have deal experience in various industries including power generation, electricity and natural gas distribution, hospitality, food & beverage and tender process of concession assets such as tool roads, ports and marinas.I graduated with a degree in economics and finance from a top-tier university in the UK and started my career in a US based Bulge Bracket investment bank and worked at several institutions before I quit advisory business and moved to buy-side. With days and nights (very, very late nights) of hands on experience for more than 6 years, I will teach you all the necessary skills to land a job on and to survive in M&A Advisory business!

Course curriculum

    1. Lecture 1: What this course covers

    2. Course Glossary

    1. Lecture 2: Introduction to Section 2

    2. Lecture 3: What is mergers and acquisitions?

    3. Lecture 4: Why do companies buy each other?

    4. Lecture 5: What are the main types of mergers and acquisitions?

    5. Lecture 6: Friendly vs. hostile takeovers

    6. Lecture 7: Defending against hostile takeovers

    7. Lecture 8: Case Study: Succesfull hostile takeover

    8. Lecture 9: Share vs. asset sale

    9. Lecture 10: Cash-in vs. cash-out

    10. Lecture 11: Financial vs. strategic investors

    11. Section 2 Quiz

    1. Lecture 12: Introduction to Section 3

    2. Lecture 13: How the M&A process works?

    3. Lecture 14: Origination

    4. Lecture 15: Preparation - Part 1

    5. Lecture 15: Preparation - Part 2

    6. Lecture 16: Marketing

    7. Lecture 17: Receiving non-binding offers - Part 1

    8. Lecture 17: Receiving nonbinding offers - Part 2

    9. Lecture 18: Due diligence

    10. Lecture 19: Binding offers, negotiations and selecting winner

    11. Lecture 20: Closing

    12. Lecture 21: M&A parties and their duties

    13. Section 3 Quiz

    1. Lecture 22: Introduction to Excel

    2. Lecture 23: Spreadsheets

    3. Lecture 24: Rows and columns

    4. Lecture 25: Cells

    5. Lecture 26: Linking cells

    6. Lecture 27: Copy and paste options

    7. Lecture 28: Sort and filter data

    8. Lecture 28: Sort and filter data

    9. Lecture 29: Printing excel files: page layout

    10. Lecture 29: Printing excel files: page layout

    11. Lecture 30: Formulas for M&A analysts: Basic operations

    12. Lecture 31: Formulas for M&A analysts: Statistical operations

    13. Lecture 32: Formulas for M&A analysts: Conditional statements

    14. Lecture 33: Formulas for M&A analysts: Count statements

    15. Lecture 34: Formulas for M&A analysts: Database formulas

    16. Lecture 35: Formulas for M&A analysts: Text formulas

    17. Lecture 36: Formulas for M&A analysts: Financial formulas

    18. Lecture 37: Using keyboard shortcuts

    19. Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    1. Lecture 38: Introduction to Power Point

    2. Lecture 39: View

    3. Lecture 40: Texts

    4. Lecture 41: Tables

    5. Lecture 42: Shapes

    6. Lecture 43: Pictures

    7. Lecture 44: Slide master

    8. Lecture 45: Header and footers

    9. Lecture 46: A potential investor list

    10. Lecture 47: A Company organization chart

    1. Lecture 48: Introduction to balance sheet

    2. Lecture 49: Overview of balance sheet

    3. Lecture 50: Current assets

    4. Lecture 51: Fixed assets

    5. Lecture 52: Current liabilities

    6. Lecture 53: Long-term liabilities

    7. Lecture 54: Shareholders' equity

    8. Bonus Lecture: What is non-controlling interest

    9. Section 6 Quiz

    10. Ryanair balance sheet

About this course

  • $499.00
  • 204 lessons
  • 24.5 hours of video content