Last Updated: July 2017

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Price Changes

The prices of M&A Analyst’s courses are subject to change at any time without notice.

Discount Coupons

M&A Analyst may allow the use of coupons which give special discount to a certain group of customers for a temporary period of time as part of marketing and/or promotion campaigns.

100% Money-back Policy

The policy applies to all of M&A Analyst’s courses. If customers decide to drop a course with the first 15 days of enrollment 100% of the funds paid will be refund to customers. However, in order to benefit from the 100% money-back guarantee policy, customers should not download any supporting documentation attached to lectures such as excel files, power point files, pdf files etc. In that case, no funds will be refunded.

72-hour rule

When a customer ask a questions about the structure of the course or about any technical difficulties/issues related to the use of the website or material, we promises to respond back within the first 72 hours after receiving the question. The answers to questions regarding teaching material itself or the course content is not covered by 72-hour rule but will be delivered on best effort basis.

Lifetime Access

We offer life-time access to all of the content in all of our courses. In case of a shutdown of the website for any reason beyond our influence we will try to inform our customers as soon as possible and provide an alternative channel to give access to the course material.